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QBT gives customers an affordable new airport transfer service

20 Jul 2017

Anyone who has experience with Melbourne’s airports will understand the never-ending struggle of finding feasible options for transfers. For most business travellers, the answer is simple – catch a taxi. With many travel policies still requiring travellers to exhaust all alternatives before settling on the steepest transportation mode, it simply can’t be helped, especially when time is of the essence.

In Sydney, flyers are fortunate enough to have access to the train line which connects both International and Domestic Airports to CBD stations in roughly 10 minutes. Similarly, Brisbane boasts Airtrain, which runs services between Brisbane’s Domestic and International Terminals to Brisbane City and the Gold Coast.

The answer to Melbourne’s necessity for an akin service is SkyBus and until now, it was able to be booked via SkyBus only.

So what is SkyBus?

SkyBus provides easy and convenient airport transfers between Melbourne Tullamarine and Avalon airports and the CBD. It runs 7 days a week and even provides hotel shuttle service from Southern Cross Station.

When measured by cost/kilometre, SkyBus is the most affordable airport transfer service in Australia. With the cost of a ticket comes free Wi-Fi, luggage racks, reliable running times and online, mobile and kiosk ticketing options.

Booking SkyBus through QBT’s Online Booking Tool

From the end of July, QBT will allow customers to add SkyBus bookings departing Melbourne Tullamarine Airport through QBT’s Online Booking Tool, Amadeus e-Travel Management (AeTM) platform, whilst concurrently booking flights and accommodation. This allows customers a seamless way to book their transfers, rather than having to deal directly and separately with the supplier, removing one more step from their travel booking process.

As a result of this new partnership, both QBT and SkyBus will also look into integrating additional routes, such as Avalon City Express and St Kilda Express at a later date.

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