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QBT - Business travel made simpleQBT – Business travel made simple


Managing ticket changes and cancellations

05 Feb 2020

Booked a flight and now your meeting is cancelled? Don't panic, all can be sorted by QBT's automation tools.

One of the key drivers at QBT is to make the user experience streamlined and seamless when booking travel. But as you know, all travel booked is not taken as planned, often postponed or cancelled altogether. 

The management of those changes after a ticket has been issued, can prove tricky and is often a big pain point for many customers. The processes in place are usually manual, and require a business decision by a traveller, travel manager and/or a TMC consultant. With the robotic automation of both, QBT has effectively improved the user experience by removing any business decision, and at the same time saved customers' money.

Don't lose dollars due to a change of plans

Our tickets in credit process identifies and uses available, unused credit from previous cancelled bookings. The technology applies regardless of how the booking was made, on or offline makes no difference. The TiC software ensures no dollar is left behind and removes the need for manual intervention.

Our post-ticketing change process allows your travellers to make changes online, with new tickets automatically re-issued and sent to the traveller. 

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