QBT - Business travel made simpleQBT – Business travel made simple


QBT - Business travel made simpleQBT – Business travel made simple


Why QBT?

Because we understand that you just want to have your travel taken care of so you can get on with your day.

You need to concentrate on your business, so we make getting from A to B so simple that it can’t get in the way

How, you ask?

We base your travel program around our 5 key solutions and tailor it to your specific business needs, so it’s a perfect fit!

Wouldn’t it be great to have:

  • Less steps to get to an agent that knows what you need?
  • Less passwords and pins to remember?
  • Less steps to get 3 quotes & book?
  • Less profiles to maintain?
  • Less noise in the reports you review?
  • Less uncertainty about fares and rates?

These are just some of the ways we help to make your life easier.

We’re not mind readers – we know what’s important to our customers because we ask on a regular basis. We also know that your travel needs change as your business evolves and we make sure we listen so that we stay relevant and adjust your travel program accordingly.

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Client testimonial

I have been given the task of arranging weekends away for staff members who are retiring, after 20+ years of service. It isn't always a simple procedure, depending on the venue and their policies. However, each time our QBT Account Manager has found a way to make things work as simply as possible for both myself and the guests.

I have been impressed by her professional yet friendly nature, her consistent communication and follow up, and her willingness to go above and beyond when needed.

Laurel Kenny-Levick PA to General Manager - StarTrack

We have been dealing with QBT for 7 months and are very happy with the service provided. Our account manager is very professional, quick to reply and follow up on queries and made our transition from our previous travel management company a breeze.

Having a team of consultants addressing our travel needs means there is always someone on hand to finalise our bookings even at last minute.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend QBT – very professional and great to work with.

Kristen Piper Executive Assistant to General Manager - Energizer Australia

CARE Australia has welcomed the numerous advancements in technology that QBT has introduced in the management of our travel contract.

QBT’s technology ensures their consultants are immediately aware of caller identity, our company profile and specific organisational needs.

In times of emergency this technology instills confidence with our travellers that travel arrangements are being handled competently and professionally. More so, our corporate travel requirements are afforded suitable priority handling as result of the automatic caller identification.

Ian Grow Business Manager - CARE Australia

I just wanted to note my appreciation for the efforts of the QBT booking agent who went above and beyond to obtain a competitive and convenient fare for my upcoming trip to Canada. Her efforts have saved the department thousands of dollars on the fare, which in the current environment is especially appreciated.

Australian Government Entity QBT client since 2011

I would like to say a very big thank you to all the wonderful staff at QBT! 

It is always a pleasure to speak with any of your exceptional team members as they are all, always, friendly, efficient and helpful!  Special thank you to the QBT consultant today, who went the extra mile again to change flights and accommodation at very short notice.

Vicki Fitzgerald Administration - StarTrack

I’d like to thank QBT for participating in our travel training over the last two weeks.  It was a big ask from us to have a resource from QBT travel around the country to assist us in delivering a consistent and helpful message to our organisation.

We have had great feedback from participants and have some very happy Executives!

Thanks again for partnering with us to roll out a successful training package.

Australian Government Entity QBT client since 2008

We have been using the automated Ticket in Credit system for approximately two months now. In this time It has saved us not only money, but also time.

Whilst it runs quietly (and seamlessly) in the back ground, it automatically applies credits to fares that we normally would arrange manually, as a result saving us time on a daily basis, freeing us up to concentrate on other things.

Credits are automatically being used on a much more frequent basis than the manual method, therefore preventing them from reaching their expiry date, and saving us a considerable amount of lost fares.

And all of this takes place without us having to lift a finger. A fantastic improvement on the old manual system. We love it... and peace of mind knowing we are utilising the credits wherever possible.

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