QBT - Business travel made simpleQBT – Business travel made simple


QBT - Business travel made simpleQBT – Business travel made simple


Global Coverage

With many businesses now operating globally, international support is a must! Our relationship with GlobalStar gives us access to Travel Management Companies across 85 countries, and 3500 office locations. We partner with them to provide global account management, supplier deals, and reporting capability. This enables us to manage your organisation's travel, wherever that may be.

GlobalStar partner in Australia

QBT is a Tier 1 partner of GlobalStar.

global coverage and support whilst travelling

Core services

Traveller Monitoring

When we identify a high risk incident, we’ll let you know if you have any travellers in the area and help you re-accommodate them, if they need it.


Consolidate your travel program globally, while ensuring you have the market specific understanding that only a local TMC can offer.

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