QBT - Business travel made simpleQBT – Business travel made simple


QBT - Business travel made simpleQBT – Business travel made simple


Travel Program Case Studies and Results

Airline Deal Renegotiation

Our client was renegotiating their airline deal. Their major concerns were:

  • $140,000 in change costs annually (1.5% of their spend)
  • Up to $160,000 in outstanding ticket credits at any one time

Find out here what we did to improve the results

Traveller/ Arranger Education

The client had a number of travel facilitators who had a heavy workload, minimal support and often worked in isolation. Costs due to errors made by these travel facilitators (e.g. failure to understand airfare rules) were significant. This client was also receiving complaints from travellers about these travel facilitators (e.g. insufficient time between connecting flights).

Find out how much we improved this situation and how we decreased errors by 50% 

Improved efficiency through Online Quoting

Our client is a resources sector client who needed to obtain multiple variations of quotes for each international trip. Due to their approval process they were required to present detailed itineraries and prices for each option. This meant that for some trips up to 15 quotes were actioned. This was time consuming and frustrating for both the client and QBT.

Find out how our new online quoting tool has made a vast improvement

Cost Savings

Our client is in the resources sector, with a travel spend of approximately $5 million. They were looking to reduce costs in any way they could.

Find out what we did and see the amazing results.

International Online Adoption

Our client had been using AeTM to book international travel for almost 2 years and their international online adoption was never higher than 2.7%.

Find out what we did to see improved results.

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