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NDC: What it means for business travellers

09 Aug 2019

As a business traveller, you’ve probably been hearing about the New Distribution Capability (NDC). But are you still struggling to get your head round it? To sum it up, booking a flight is about to be a whole lot easier. NDC is a new set of technology standards that will change traditional distribution processes used for decades.

Be up to date

Launched by International Air Transport Association (IATA), it enhances communications between airlines and travel management companies, such as QBT, and allows airlines to provide essential information and personalised products.

Airlines are looking eagerly towards NDC as it’s a way for them to better merchandise their seats. They will also be able to offer other elements that haven't been utilised in the past.

How does it work?

As the adoption of the NDC grows, you will soon be getting a higher level of choice, personalised service and consistency across channels and devices. You will be able to compare and choose different options, just as you would with personal travel.

It will offer more information and content when it comes to booking, presentation and buying processes. And it will offer greater visualisation, making it easier to book seat selections, as well as airline extras that are relevant to your frequent flyer status.

NDC lets you bundle up your travel packages, covering everything from check-in options to baggage requirements. You will be able to compile your food options, extra legroom, business or first class, entertainment options, priority boarding, and much more. Best of all, the travel bundle is all in one place, at one time.

In the past, putting together a bundle wasn’t so easy for business travellers – unlike leisure travellers. There are complexities when it comes to managing flights, accommodation, car hire, and more. For instance, it’s common for last-minute changes to occur. A business meeting, for example, may extend or wrap up early so you need to change the return flight home.

NDC will now simplify these changes, and QBT Consultants are up to date with all NDC developments as they occur.

QBT’s well-trained Consultants manage to put together even the most complex travel itineraries quickly and seamlessly. And NDC developments will simplify the system. It’s a positive outcome for both QBT and you.

What’s the next stage?

As the first Australian airline to take advantage of NDC, Qantas launched its Qantas Distribution Platform (QDP) in late 2018. By utilising this technology platform, QBT consultants can now access the widest range of Qantas fares, products and information – quickly and seamlessly.

Qantas followed this by launching its Qantas Channel on 1 August 2019, which delivers richer content for business travellers. When booking, a QBT consultant can present tailored offerings at the point of sale, including special fare conditions, priority boarding, seat allocation, baggage allowances, in-flight wi-fi, food and drinks, and carbon offset.

As a QBT member, you are now starting to discover these major changes when travelling. Overall, the goal of the NDC is to make business travel a breeze, even when it involves complex journeys.

Amadeus leads the way

QBT has had a long collaboration with Amadeus, a cutting-edge computer reservation system. Amadeus’s new NDC-X program is testing the technology, seeing how the process works within the new environment. In other words, it creates better journeys for business travellers through the best use of technology.

A new beginning

Coined the ‘Amazonification’ of business travel, NDC will make the whole purchasing process easier for both QBT and you. Based on how you travel, where you travel, and when you travel, NDC will enable QBT consultants to bundle packages and services, improving the needs and wants of busy business travellers.

Before too long, you will start to notice when you are making an NDC booking, thanks to the richer content. The changes may be subtle at first, but they will soon make your travel time more efficient and enjoyable.

6 Essential Acronyms

NDC: New Distribution Capability is a new technology created by IATA to streamline the airline distribution process.

IATAInternational Air Transport Association supports aviation with global standards for airline safety, security, efficiency and sustainability.

QDPQantas Distribution Platform enhances the airline retailing, booking and servicing capabilities for partners such as QBT, and delivers greater and more relevant choice for customer.

NDC-X: This Amadeus program is working with airlines and travel sellers to drive progress with NDC.

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