QBT - Business travel made simpleQBT – Business travel made simple


QBT - Business travel made simpleQBT – Business travel made simple


Competitive Fares and Rates

Leveraging our strengths

QBT is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Helloworld Travel Limited bringing significant value for our customers as we can leverage the resources and strengths of our entire group. This delivers better value for money and cost-savings.

Find more fares to compare, conveniently in one place

Achieve greater savings through aggregated rates, along with competitive supplier deals.

Booking travel used to be complicated! Checking multiple sources for the best fares and rates was frustrating and time-consuming. We make it easy by integrating a wide range of sources through one simple booking interface. This includes:

  • publicly available fares (including airline specials and online fares)
  • fares sourced through our sister company, Air Tickets
  • fares originating outside Australia through our relationship with GlobalStar.

Your spend is analysed and we can help you determine if negotiating your own deals provides a more cost-efficient option.

Providing access to the best fares and rates, no matter how they’re distributed, is our main aim!

Achieve greater savings through aggregated rates, along with competitive supplier deals.

Core services

Supplier Negotiations

Our supplier relations experts can help you negotiate your own air, hotel and car deals. This ensures your deals are competitive and comparable to clients similar to you, and the market.


Access to over 20,000 fares made available to us through our sister company, Air Tickets. They’re the largest independent ticket consolidator in Australia and New Zealand, a multi-award winner in technology and service delivery. This equals massive buying power and access to the very best deals!

Helloworld Hotel Program

Great discounts and added extras at 1,500 additional hotels.


Access to fares in other markets for travel starting outside Australia. Giving you massive savings of between $200 - $2000 per fare.

Leisure Rates

Even when you’re on leave from work you’ll have access to great deals through our sister companies Viva! and Qantas Holidays. How does an additional 10% off land content sound?? 

Need help with your Travel Program?

Get your travel program on track and have it performing seamlessly. 

Time to get on track

Paying too much for hotels?

Hotel rates are set to rise by up to 4% on 2019. To find out what we can do to help...

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Planning your next tender?

We've put together a sample travel RFP document to give you a hand. 

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Confused about Online Booking Tool Functionality?

This checklist shows all the essential online booking tool functionality, to make it easier to choose between tools.

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