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QBT is the First Carbon Neutral TMC in APAC

16 Jan 2018

There’s no doubt that we as a culture have become progressively more conscious of global warming and the future of our planet (or lack thereof). So, acknowledging the carbon footprint that our industry often leaves in its wake was QBT’s first step in cultivating a more environmentally sustainable workplace.

And what was our next step?

We became Carbon Neutral

After months of working alongside Carbon Neutral, QBT is proud to announce that our greenhouse gas emissions now equal zero. We reached this by purchasing carbon offsets which are part of a reforestation project in the wheat belt of Western Australia, where over 90% of the land has been cleared for agriculture.

The move to carbon neutral allows us to better gauge the greenhouse gas footprint from business activities conducted by our organisation. By piloting the endeavour to have our net greenhouse gas emissions equal zero, QBT is promoting a more environmentally conscious culture that is often neglected or forgotten about in the travel industry.

But wait…there’s more!

QBT has also partnered with Carbon Neutral to provide carbon offsetting programs to our clients. This means not only are we able to quantify our carbon footprint, we can also help other corporations through programs that measure emissions and offsets against a range of reforestation projects globally.

Our move to Carbon Neutral has called for a more socially responsible workplace, one where we are all more mindful of our environmental impact and carbon footprint Australia-wide.

However, this isn't just about being GREEN. Offsetting your carbon emissions now can help future proof your business.

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