QBT - Business travel made simpleQBT – Business travel made simple


QBT - Business travel made simpleQBT – Business travel made simple


Cost Savings


Client C is a resources client, with a travel spend of approximately $5 million. They were looking to reduce costs in any way they could.


We implemented a four-fold cost reduction strategy, which included:

  • Process improvement
  • Optimisation of travel spend
  • Supplier negotiation
  • Booking behaviour modification


  • Airline deal currently in negotiation that will save this client an estimated $30,000
  • Change airline booking behaviour from booking fully flexible fares to semi flexible fares types, resulting in an estimated $500,000 saving
  • Reduced bookings made 0-4 days in advance of travel and moving them to 10+ days. We estimate that this will save 15% of their travel spend
  • Improved online adoption through monthly WebEx user group training, use of a champion OBT user to assist other users and isolation of divisions/individuals consistently booking offline to address the reasoning behind this. Increased uptake to 90%


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