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QBT - Business travel made simpleQBT – Business travel made simple


Our People

I’m Rohan, and as General Manager I am responsible for overall service delivery for all our Government and Corporate customers. I am also responsible for the management of QBT’s Government accounts.

With a strong customer service focus, I have over 40 years’ experience in the travel industry and have held a range of senior positions with leading Australian travel companies throughout my career. My broad experience encompasses operations, airline and accommodation distribution systems, accommodation program management, sales management, marketing and finance.

I lead a team committed to providing the most cost effective and efficient booking solutions for our customers, while catering  for customers bespoke needs and the highest possible service across all customer interactions.

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Hello, my name is Andre Moten and I join QBT with nearly 25 years’ experience working within the aviation and corporate travel management sectors. My role with QBT is to lead the Sales, Account Management and Marketing functions across the diverse corporate brands in Australia and New Zealand. 

Among my responsibilities is the expansion of our customer base, and the augmenting of our client success in making business travel more cost effective and simple.

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I’m Donna, and over the past 23 years I have worked in various positions at QBT, finally ending up as the Head of Corporate Business Systems.

Working as a consultant and manager of our operations team provided me with hands on experience booking travel for our customers. It also allowed me to understand how to get the most out of our systems to provide the best possible service... 

As a passionate traveller myself, I appreciate the simplicity and convenience of being able to make my own travel arrangements online.  I also know that for our customers it doesn’t finish with making the booking or even once the travel is completed.  Having access to data that provides the right information to help their business manage policy, change behaviour and reduce costs when it comes to travel is essential.

I draw on all this experience to lead an exceptional team of people who know all there is to know about online booking systems, data management, automating manual processes and finding new ways to meet our customers’ needs using cutting edge technology and processes.

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I’m Ben and I have over 23 years experience in the travel technology sector.

I Head up Corporate Technology and I’m responsible for the continual advancement of internal and external technology solutions.

I’ve got significant experience in developing next generation client facing experiences, from online booking tools, portals, forecasting tools, Artificial Intelligence predictive modelling and management information reporting.

My focus is making sure that the Technology QBT provides its clients with, is state-of-the-art and delivers high quality user experiences.

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I’m Kerrie, a finance professional with qualifications in business (MBA), commerce (MComm), accounting (CPA) and Corporate Governance (FGIA FGIA), and have been in the travel and tourism industry for more than 30 years.

My career within the industry has seen my involvement in hotels, day and extended tour operators as well as retail, wholesale and inbound travel. 

The corporate travel environment of QBT offers me an opportunity to bring all of my prior years of learning and experience to enable the finance department to provide support for decision making, ensure the regularity environment is in place and actively seek business process improvement while looking at ways to maximise the return for all stakeholders.

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I’m Deb, and my experience encompasses 25-years across various sectors of the travel industry, including Wholesale, Corporate and Government travel, with the last 10 years leading operational teams.

My overall responsibilities are to drive service delivery and operational efficiency.  Focusing on the continual improvement of internal processes, as well as training and development of both consultants and leaders, I have a proven track record in building and leading high-performance teams, and am dedicated to ensuring QBT consultants provide exceptional customer experiences.

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I'm Richard, a senior executive leader with extensive experience in marketing, strategy development, international business and working in Government. Results driven with ability to integrate corporate vision and objectives into innovative strategic plans and deliver desired outcomes. Successful track record building teams, generating pride in individuals, increasing organisational performance and exceeding goals. Strengths include management by example, thought leadership, innovation and commitment.

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