QBT - Business travel made simpleQBT – Business travel made simple


QBT - Business travel made simpleQBT – Business travel made simple


Personalised Service

Connecting you with a highly skilled consultant who knows who you are and what you need.

Every time we receive a call our intuitive telephone system simplifies the booking process. It identifies you, the reason for your call and your company policy requirements. This information is then delivered to a consultant who is experienced in handling these requirements, before they answer your call. 

This service also extends outside normal business hours. This means that even when you’re not dealing with your regular consulting team, you speak to someone who knows who you are, the reason for your call and any specific requirements that your company may have, 24/7.


Core services

Knowledgeable Consultants

Available 24/7/365 at one of our 6 Australian locations (Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin and Perth)

Intelligent Phone System

Identifies you, the reason for your call and your company’s requirements. It then locates an appropriately skilled consultant and provides them with this information before they answer your call.

After Hours Service

From a team of 23 experienced consultants based in our Melbourne office. All calls to this team are fielded through our intelligent phone system, giving them access to the same information as your regular consulting team.

Exclusive VIP Service

Fielded by a team of specialist VIP Consultants, experienced in dealing with the complex itineraries sometimes required by executives. They also adhere to special service levels ensuring a faster, high quality service!

Email Integration

By treating an email just like a phone call, we ensure service standards are met, managed and reported on.

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